Following a year delay due to administration issues in the United Nations, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has presented the following candidates to the General Assembly (In order of nomination);

Federal Republic of Yugoslavia:

The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia has nominated Dragomir Zoric, a Former Yugoslav Military General who is Currently co-head of Yugoslavian Research and Technology and the Yugoslavian Foreign Aid Department.

United States of America:

The USA has nominated Richard Brown, a former United States Senator from California, former Ambassador to the UK and currently a member of the Red Cross Board of Directors.

Endorsed by the Republic of France, and the United Kingdom

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics:

The USSR has nominated Rasim Semyonovich Ilyushin, a Russian, and a famed general of World War II, who continues to serve in the Soviet military.

The Republic of China, Republic of Cuba, Republic of India, and Kingdom of Norway have chosen not to submit a nomination, and none have endorsed current nominations.

The United Nations Security Council currently consists of the Republic of China, Republic of Cuba, Republic of India, Kingdom of Norway, United States of America, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, United Kingdom, Republic of France, Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and the Kingdom of Egypt. Permanent members indicated in bold.

Reply to this post with your vote (United Nations members only).

[Nation] hereby votes for [Candidate] as the United Nations Secretary General.

This vote will close after 24 hours.

The nation's candidate who wins will be able to present resolutions to the Security Council to vote upon, these resolutions will then reach the General Assembly. The Security Council may also have resolutions presented by it's own members.

UN Membership will be checked, nations which have not RPed their entry to the UN will not be in the UN unless they were at this time IRL.