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[1952] Security Council Election

The following seats on the Security Council are up for election in this part of the biannual vote;

Latin America (1/2) - Vacating member: Ecuador

Commonwealth (1/1) - Vacating member: India

Eastern European and Asian  (1/1) - Vacating member: Yugoslavia

The following seats are up for election in 1954, do not vote for these seats;

Western European (1/1)

Middle Eastern (1/1)

Latin American (1/2) (Brazil)

None of the permanent members will be impacted by this election.

Please only cast your vote if you're in the relevant region.

[NATION] hereby votes for [NATION] as the member of the United Nations Security Council for [REGION]

The SECGEN will break ties

24 hours

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The Republic of Guatemala hereby votes for the Republic of Guatemala as the member of the United Nations Security Council for Latin America.

The Federative Republic of Brazil votes for Guatemala for the USNC of latin america.
Guatemala for Latin America. Other votes extended.

Note: If no votes are recieved for the other seats, the SECGEN will break the 0-0 tie and select a member.

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