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[1952][UNSC] Situation in Czechoslovakia

The Situation in Czechoslovakia began when the USSR had invaded Czechoslovakia for pulling out of the Warsaw Pact due to complications in their education by the USSR, as well as to remove communist ideas and ideology from the nation.

The USSR proposes peace to the problem, on the following conditions. Czechoslovakia will reenter the Warsaw Pact, and the Communist government will be re-established. However, Czechoslovakia will be free of the policy to educate schools of the Russian language and Russian history and if they choose to, they may establish these once more. The country will be given extra autonomy as well.

In addition, all NATO forces within Czechoslovakia will pull out from the country, along with Soviet troops. A new Czechoslovak army will be created jointly by the Czechoslovak government, and the USSR.

The Security Council may be able to add their decision as well as any additional text.

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