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UN Peace Keeping

It has come to our (multiple people in the EoEP) attention that the UN peace keeping missions probably need some guidelines before they're deployed. If you've something to add, or whatever have you post it below

1. A clear area in which UN troops will protect

2. Clear numbers of how many UN troops will be deployed (This could include armour? idk)

3. A clear plan as to how long troops will stay, (this could be extended if the conflict escalates)

4. UN troops are neutral, in everything. They only shoot if shot at (shot at by anyone).

5. You can not use the UN as pawns to invade a country (that's just stupid).

It's late, please add more things to help this out. ~ Josh

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UN Peacekeeping Forces should be volunteered by nations specifically, either before hand for general usage by the UN as it needs or specifically for a certain mission, it shouldn't be vague "UN pulls a million troops out of thin air" type posts.

The UN should only peacekeep, not peacemake through violence, and should pursue diplomatic solutions first, foremost, and above all others.

The UN should not randomly launch a peacekeeping mission, there should be review before hand, the UN should know what's going on, the UN should have attempted to get all involved parties to work towards a solution to the crisis in question, and the UN and its relevant bodies should have deliberated the matter first, it should not be random, it should not be blind, it should not be the first course taken, and it should not be the decision of one lone individual - especially not when potentially thousands or millions of lives are involved.

That seems reasonable.
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