As many of you have likely noticed by now, the Empires of Earth Project has hit some what of a snag. As it stands, activity has rapidly declined and roleplay has all but entirely ceased, the last serious rp post was made almost three weeks ago, and as such this has prompted a serious discussion among members of the community - what do we do? What's wrong with the project? What should we change? What do we want from it?

Well, after a fair deal of discussion and debate on the matter, I think it's safe to say that a fair majority of active members of the community have come to agree on the details of what is effectively a new project. That said, the Empires of Earth Project shall be rebooting and shall be changing - we will now be in the early 2000's of an alternate timeline, one in which three superpowers (the United People's Democratic Republic in Europe and North America, the United American Confederation in Latin America, and the Free Eastern Republic in Asia and Oceania) have arose to conquer much of the world. Players will act as lesser or medium powers, either real life states or fictional states, in pursuit of our own individual goals, be they merely ensuring security and prosperity for our peoples or working to rise up as a superpower of our own or merely trying to become the world's largest producer of bananas.

This new iteration will be more in the spirit of the original EOEP and its earlier versions and will allow for a new, interesting, and purely creative path forward.

This is the world we find ourselves playing in:


You may find a Google Maps version of this world here:

((To address some concerns before they arise: the three superpowers are non-player states, i.e. NPCs, and will be controlled primarily by admins and then only occasionally, they won't be actively invading all of us, especially not right at the start - we're entering the project during an unfounded pause in global conflict, whether the world returns to a state of global war between the powers will depend on our actions and decisions as players in the project.))